freisatz videos freie software FSFE

Die Kern­wer­te Frei­er Soft­ware
3-minü­ti­ges Video anläss­lich des 20-jäh­ri­gen Jubi­lä­ums der FSFE.

freisatz videos freie software intro

Intro­duc­tion to Free Soft­ware and the Libe­ra­ti­on of Cyber­space
Richard Stall­mans 13-minü­ti­ge Ein­füh­rung für Kurz­an­ge­bun­de­ne.

freisatz videos freie software reclaim your freedom

Rec­laim Your Free­dom with Free Libre Soft­ware now
Richard Stall­mans Vor­trag für alle, die es genau­er wis­sen wol­len.

freisatz videos freie software ethik und praxis

Free Soft­ware in Ethics and in Prac­ti­ce
Richard Stall­mans unter­halt­sa­mer Vor­trag in Man­ches­ter (2008) für all jene, die noch tie­fer­ge­hend über (Soft­ware-)Frei­heit mit­den­ken möch­ten.

«If you want free­dom you’ve got to be pre­pa­red to have some­ti­mes to accept incon­ve­ni­en­ces to defend it. Peop­le who won’t ever accept an incon­ve­ni­en­ce to defend their free­dom, they will loo­se it.

For­tu­n­a­te­ly, the­se are small incon­ve­ni­en­ces, not like what some peop­le of some times had to suf­fer to defend their free­dom. You know, it takes a hero to risk one’s life for free­dom. To accept the­se litt­le incon­ve­ni­en­ces you don’t have to be a hero, in fact you have to be hor­ri­ble coward if you won’t.»

– Richard Stall­man